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Mon 11:38 
Update: NOPE
Mon 11:35 
Official measurement from the back steps. I'm ALMOST over it. Now, let's see if I can actually get to work or not...
Sun 22:59 Things he said today: "It's low hanging fruit; he's gotta throw some of that red meat."
Sun 11:33 
Official measurement from the footsteps: over a foot! IT'S STILL SNOWING A LITTLE
Sun 00:17 
Sat 23:03 I don't know Greyson very well/at all really, but their friends are my friends. Please consider adding your support!
Sat 17:14 
Nope. I just can't. I have just enough Chex to make another batch of Chex Mix, though, and I do have pizza rolls, so I should be OK. No beer but plenty of cocktail ingredients. Lots of NBA & NHL Playoffs. Several stacks of records I haven't listened to. Still, I hope our largely inept plow operator will have shown up to do the alley (while not leaving a wall of snow against my garage door in the process) by the time I feel like escaping for the Pokémon GO Community Day event tomorrow. Otherwise....I dunno, see ya Monday? Stay safe y'all
Sat 15:21 
RIP Art Bell (YouTube: Giorgio Moroder - Chase (13:06))
Sat 15:07 
Yes obviously I slept 12 hours in bed because I'm ready for the effing snow today, effing effbook
Sat 11:56 Hey! Ya goober... has it really only been one year? Love you a bunch! (Friendiversary with Adriana)
13.4 21:30 
Sorry I'm late....there's weather or something
12.4 17:26 
12.4 15:38 Big if true....but will I be able to rip them to my Pono
9.4 15:47 Video - The Dark Energy crew rented me and my friends some skates and a rink Saturday and it was an effin' BLAST
8.4 08:25 
7.4 12:51 Happy *70th* Birthday to John Oates!
7.4 00:06 Let's get fantastic (on this large popcorn)
7.4 00:02 
WOLVES WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
6.4 22:32 Short notice but anybody interested in seeing "Fantastic Planet" at the Uptown at midnight (or was already planning on going and would let me sit with 'em)?
6.4 14:05 
Twenty - TWENTY - years ago, Mike Samuda and Rick Scaia joined forces to create WrestleManics, the GREATEST pro wrestling website on the entire Internet. The Internet was a lot smaller back then. They officially started the day after WrestleMania XIV, March 30, 1998. I waited a week before delivering my first two of several hundred TV recaps both for them and later for the extreme only-in-the-dotcom-era failure that was "WresteLine" that WM sold out to in June, 1999. I recapped WWF, WCW, WOW, WXO (for three weeks) and probably a few other things here and there. My last recap for Rick's "Online Onslaught" site and my own [slash] wrestling was in October 2002, but to this day, there are people out there who still think of me in positive terms AND believe I can write. What marks! I also "inspired" a few people who went on to do WAY better things than I ever did and that's pretty cool, too. Anyway, here are a couple archival links to the works of baby CRZ at 26, not TOTALLY beaten down by life and still very, VERY into the televised professional wrestling, composed pretty late at night EXACTLY twenty years ago tonight. (They got a LITTLE better...but not much.)
6.4 13:17 
OFFICE T-SHIRTS, A CONTINUING SERIES: Last one of the week - hey remember when we were all so cool we'd wear our 6 ball shirts BACKWARDS? Well...this is pretty uncomfortable and maybe I'll turn it back around. Anyway, here's a very unattractive capture of me attempting to do the classic Hall & Nash "ooh" finger movements while ALSO trying to NOT block the graphic part of the shirt I'm wearing. Good thing I'm the only guy in this building on Fridays! WRESTLEMANIA IS SUNDAY!
5.4 15:58 
OFFICE T-SHIRTS, A CONTINUING SERIES: yesterday, I wore my tie dyed nWo shirt to the Covenant show - one of those strange choices that only I could pull off. You didn't get a photo because LAST year I gave you THAT photo (go find it). TODAY'S shirt is another from the turn of the millennium which I bought at a "San Francisco Lucha Libre" show - it's hand painted and the paint sticks to itself when you fold the shirt, making it hard to UNfold - I am scared to wash it. But when else was I gonna get the opportunity to tell everyone that my favourite luchador was Tinieblas Jr.? (I have the dumbest reasons, too - most of them involving his really boss cape.) Besides...IT'S WRESTLEMANIA WEEK
5.4 14:13 Yesterday, Craig Lambert asked about favourite New Order songs. It was a good thread! This one will not be. :) What *I* wanna know is what is your LEAST favourite New Order song? There are probably a lot of recent album cuts I've never had the misfortune to hear, but without thinking about it very hard my answer would probably point to one of the "Blue Monday 95" remixes.
4.4 11:24 
3.4 19:45 
This ain't right
3.4 16:58 
OFFICE T-SHIRTS, A CONTINUING SERIES: 18 years and one day ago, somebody bought this shirt - some time later, he (let's face it, it wasn't a "she") turned it over to a Silicon Valley Goodwill and/or Savers, where I probably paid $2.99 for it and waited until TODAY to wear it AGAIN. Isn't it always the best to say "Hey this shirt could go off and fight for its country but WOULD IT VOTE?" That's hard hitting stuff. Anyway, it's WrestleMania week! Hilariously, FB would like me to tag all these Fs, so let's B
3.4 14:21 
"Advertisers LOVE him"
3.4 14:03 Hey remember Draw Something
3.4 03:40 
Somebody get this jerk cat off meeerreerrreeee
2.4 14:24 
OFFICE T-SHIRTS, A CONTINUING SERIES: It's WrestleMania week again! Kris bought me this shirt from the WWE's European shop a year or two ago and I've never worn it....UNTIL NOW! I wanted to kick off the week with a shirt I hadn't shown you before. Probably the rest of the week will be wrestling shirt reruns so no photos but probably plenty of confused people at the Covenant and John Maus concerts. I also see I forgot to put a safety pin on...good thing I keep some extras in the car. IT'S SNOWING
1.4 15:21 
I had one job
31.3 17:19 
30.3 22:50 
Someone up there likes me
29.3 12:51 
THERE ARE NO COINCIDENCES: Today marks my fourth day in a row of having to be in at 9 for training. Even worse, I was in at *8* yesterday for a team call. I am not made for early mornings and this week's been a killer, so last night I told myself and I TOLD myself: "Man, just don't go to Transmission at all - go straight home after the Wolves game. BE RESPONSIBLE." But then Michael said he was doing the first hour and I was like "man, it's KINDA on the way home from the Target Center [it's not, really] and it's only an hour - go there, have one stubby Coors and leave early." And I mostly kept to that...the "first hour" was stretching out but I did extract myself right around 11.30, just as Andy was parking his bike outside. I'm doing a brief hi/bye with him and Andy turns to me and says "hey isn't that LaLa walking by?" and I turned around and...well, it kinda DID look like LaLa amongst a small cluster of people but I wasn't gonna run up after them and besides I just couldn't stay one more minute and REALLY, what were the odds that the one week I showed up AND left before closing would also be the ONE week SHE'D show up? Of course, as soon as I got home I opened up Snapchat to see that yep, she'd arrived just in time for Jake's first B-52s video. Of course. Nine months ago when we first met at a fourth of July party, I'm pretty sure I told her we would probably never interact again in real life... but it's not like I really MEANT it. You know what, instead of posting this as a status I'm just gonna drop it in Messenger because I'm not sure if I'm coming off as endearingly shy or more just really, really creepy hoping she'd just stumble upon this later and not come to the immediate conclusion that I'm SUPER WEIRD. (...which I am.) See, if only I knew how Snapchat worked, I could have just sent some kinda innocuous OH MAN reaction immediately and not spent a night wondering if I was gonna write this up for the world 'cause really it's not a bad story per se, just....probably not something a whole LOTTA people are interested in. Well, that probably sums me up, actually. Ha! If you read this far, thanks for being one of the interested people. (421 words)

UPDATE: I did Messenger it to LaLa and she definitely thinks I'm crazy but also I'm OK to post this here now. :)
29.3 11:50 1. Have you ever stared at your open Messenger screen for an hour wondering "so if I send this, would I come off as a sweet caring boy with potential that she might like to get to know better... or a creepy psycho stalker she will immediately block forever?"

2. Yeah but have you ever done this, like, EVERY DAY?

3. Somehow this is why I still consider myself a "writer"
28.3 16:43 
Almost hopped in the wrong car!
27.3 11:46 Video - Thanks again to KFAI and Mason for letting me occasionally pretend to play a professional radio man. Here's what is always a highlight of my night: when I get to do the mandatory station identification. This may also be the first time I heard "I'm gonna give it to ya" and "it" turned out to be Frank Stallone. Hey let's see if all these attachment things work!
27.3 00:39 
Only 80 minutes left for you to give a LIVE pledge for KFAI - 90.3 FM Minneapolis - 106.7 FM St. Paul on behalf of Cruise Control! (Although afterward, you *can* still give a tape delayed pledge at, but I won't be on the other end of your phone)
26.3 13:34 Matt Dike died back in January but Delicious Vinyl didn't issue the press release until two weeks ago. To say he was a recluse the past - wow, 25 years - was something of an understatement given his contributions in such a relatively short period of time. DV came about just the right time for a Central Valley kid heading to SoCal for college and I haven't forgotten the first times I heard "On Fire" and "Funky Cold Medina" when they were still deep cuts only played on KUOP late Friday nights. RIP DJ. 55 is too young. Heroin is a hell of a drug. Fuck cancer.
26.3 13:30 I can be funnier
25.3 17:16 
Guy at Dollar General ringing up my Jolt said I looked like Harry Dresden. Is that good or bad?
25.3 17:07 
Thirteen cans! A new record!
(I did not buy all thirteen)
25.3 16:28 
Woo hoo! Thank you Community Day and THANK YOU Raid Friends!!
24.3 13:45 
Choon Wee Lim is a 54 year old Malaysian man who only joined Facebook because his wife and children were on it. Yesterday, his account was hacked, all his photos removed, some American details added along with a "Single" relationship status, a "visit my website" timeline entry added and who knows how many Friend requests sent out, including one for me. Maybe next time try to hack someone younger and also female? 1/10
23.3 22:55 
There's ANOTHER yellow Beetle in the parking lot WHOSE CAN IT BE
23.3 20:58 
WOLVES WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
23.3 17:00 Ooh I could eat clam chowder tonight
22.3 15:05 Cool I learned the word "inchoate" today (Billboard: The Cars' Original Demo of Top 10 Hit 'Shake It Up' Is A Revelation: Premiere)
22.3 12:43 
The struggle is real
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