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5.3.11 21:00  Welcome to the ZEDFEED™ stream - I'm stalking myself so you don't have to
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Can of Diet Dr Pepper
SYMC closing quote: 30.36 ▼0.11 (Range: 30.22 - 30.71)
 14:43 Beef
And all is right in the world @maruchan_inc #callback
Listened to Mason - Cruise Control 2017-03-28
Office T-shirts, a continuing series: geez I look like I'm being held hostage ANYWAY here's a rare "prototype" STEVE BLACKMAN: LETHAL WEAPON T-shirt that I think you could only buy from some Steve Blackman-related website (yes, those things existed back in 2000) because they never quite made it to the WWF store. The back has the head of a black puma and the words DARK AND DANGEROUS on it because even back then, WWF believed in embarrassing their T-shirt wearers by putting super lame shit on the backs of them. EVERY. TIME. Another good reason to keep my hair long: to cover up the back of my wrestling T-shirt. It's WrestleMania week!
 Veritas (Roseville, MN)
 01:32  Oh you - Cub Foods (Saint Paul, MN)
Mon 22:37 
 Moonsault Monday! - Grumpy's Bar & Grill (Minneapolis, MN)
Mon 21:01 
(anticipates GIF) #RAW
Mon 20:55 @tapemachines Look maybe YOU want Al Roker to hang himself but IIIIII sure don't
Mon 20:42 
Like you, I can't wait to see how WWE thinks they'll co-opt "WrestleMania Monday" (and they probably will) #RAW
Mon 20:30 
I dunno, we never see that diggin' guy's face; I'm hoping for a SHOCKING SWERVE - like it turns out to be Vade Hansen or somebody #RAW
Mon 20:25 
Sadly, the beard off will once again have to wait #RAW
Mon 20:20 
So did they force Baron Corbin to give up the trophy? Hmm, guess so #RAW
Mon 20:10 
Sooooo Tyler Black returning or
Mon 19:59 
In a way it's sad I've let an hour of the 'Mania-Go-Home #RAW go by without a peep but on the other hand you pay me the same either way
Mon 19:01 Oh AND I almost walked over a turkey leaving my car, oops
Mon 18:58 Train-sized roadblock preventing University crossing if you're on Eustis @PPPRNews
Mon 18:34 Well there's something I never expected to see
Mon 18:17 
Listened to DJ Shadow - DJ Shadow Live In Oxford, UK, 30-10-1997
Mon 17:19 
Listened to Nine Inch Nails - Still
Mon 16:52 
Listened to Nine Inch Nails - Down In It
Mon 15:58 Beef Roast Chicken
Mon 15:56 
You want some REAL Internet outrage?This @Maruchan_Inc instant lunch is clearly not the flavor I was expecting!
Mon 15:49 
@tapemachines If this doesn't push your butt firmly into a Camping World Stadium seat I just don't know any more #DALE RT @Pitbull: The grandest stage of them all this Sunday #MrWorldwide, @official_flo , @LunchMoneyLewis and @stephenmarley @WWE #WrestleMania 4/2, 7pm.
Mon 15:00 
SYMC closing quote: 30.47 UNCH (Range: 29.76 - 30.56)
Mon 14:27 
Office T-shirts, a continuing series: been a few months since I've shared one of these (and, in my new office, turns out I don't have enough space behind me to lean back and show you the entire shirt AND my head unless I do this goofy pose...I'll work on that) HEY IT'S WRESTLEMANIA WEEK and also I'm going to Moonsault Mondays! Fallen heroes edition! tonight so here's another look at this sweet IV Horsemen shirt Kris bought me from the European version of WWEShop. I might try to wear wrestling shirts all week except on the Wolves' game night. Will I share them here? As my old friends from Aimnet might say, STAY IN TUNE...
Mon 13:40 
 Forgot didn't I - Veritas (Roseville, MN)
Mon 13:30 
Mon 11:37 
Listened to Spotify playlist "Discover Weekly"
Mon 11:22 
Mon 10:41 
U.S. Post Office (Minneapolis, MN)
Mon 00:07 
Swimsuit Area
Sun 23:56 
It is Swimsuit Area (
Sun 23:41 RT @Markysparkly: When I go in to kiss a girl, I always close my eyes. I've learned from experience, if my eyes are open more pepper spray gets in them.
Sun 23:11 
It is CHUB (
Sun 21:59 
It is " VS Psybeams" ( / /
Sun 21:33  Rock show - Amsterdam Bar & Hall (Saint Paul, MN)
Sun 21:32 
Joined in progress/missed practically their entire set, it is Dirty Junk (
Sun 16:29 Can of Diet Dr Pepper Cherry
Sun 01:46 Simultaneous reretweets from (probably) opposite ends of the political spectrum
(no offense meant to either
@lachicajulia or @EllieAsksWhy)
Sat 23:47 Just posted a video @ Bev's Bar
Sat 21:44 
@guruzim can't bother. Let me know when I've missed a double double ;-)
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